Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on being friendly and accessible.

We cater for a range of clientele in all industries and have extensive knowledge of partnerships, companies, trusts and superannuation funds.

Our ability to provide a quality and professional service is reflected by the high proportion of new client referrals and frequent commendations.

By building strong relationships and delivering professional advice, we experience ongoing client loyalty.

We do not outsource our work. Most accounting firms have resorted to outsourcing their work but we take pride in what we do; therefore your work will be completed by qualified accountants.

All our accountants undergo 35 hours of professional development each year. Professional development is done with a wide range of sources from the Australian Taxation Office to NTAA and PKF. This keeps our accountants up to date with all the changes and improvements to the taxation system.

Minimum Charges

Minimum Fees

Basic employee income tax returns (ITR)


Two Basic employee ITR’s (Husband & Wife)


Please note the above fees are for the completion of Tax Returns with an appointment or dropping off your source documents.

Rental Depreciation Schedule


Small Profit & Loss Statement


Client Update Form


Capital Gains Calculation


Amending Tax Return

This will be done at the accountant’s hourly rate of


Medicare Exemption Certificate


Extra Services



ABN Application


Formation of a Family Trust


Interview Hourly Rate


Fee From Refund

Yes we offer Fee from refund. Once we have lodged your tax return we will deduct our fee from your refund and forward you the remaining balance, at no extra cost to you.

Otherwise your invoice be paid by cheque, cash, money order or direct transfer.

BSB: 036 123
Account Number: 27-9819

We do have EFTPOS Facilities


14 day accounts. At 20 days an additional $10 (excluding GST) is charged for the administration cost. Unfortunately if the account is 30 days and over we have no other option to place the amount with a debt collection agency. The cost of the service will be passed onto you.

Problems Paying?

If you are having difficulties please contact us, we do understand you personal circumstances. Contact us and we can come to some arrangement. Silence is not appreciated.

Do We Quote?

Yes, we can give a set quote on specific work if you request it. Any costs over and above the quote are borne by us.

How are the fees calculated?

The fees are done on a time cost system. Meaning every person at the office completes a timesheet breaking down the clients they have worked on during a day. When a particular job is complete we tally all the time up for that client. Time is charged at different rates depending on the type of work. We see what was charged in the past and see what is a reasonable fee for the work completed. If you want a copy of the cost sheet please ask. Any costs incurred eg Legal advice, are passed on to the client at cost.